Hey.Global wants to give each customer the best transportation rates possible. We customize the quote for each shipment using multiple carriers and shipping methods. Though the price of fuel fluctuates, we hereby provide a reference guide to understand how shipping costs are calculated based on different types of shipping method.

Our logistic specialists are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please don't hesitate to call or email us to get a clearer picture of how shipping is done. 

Parcel (Under 150 lbs package)
Factors that may affect your shipping rate:

  • There is a minimum charge of $40.25 for each small package shipment
  • Both the weight of the shipment and the cube (size) can impact the cost to ship
  • Certain fragile merchandise or large items may ship LTL despite weighing less than 150lbs

Pallet/LTL (Less than 10 pallets and/or more than 150 lb package)
Factors that may affect your shipping rate:

  • The LTL shipping rate is based on distance, class, dimensions and weight- so some shipments that are heavier or have to travel a further distance will be more expensive to ship

Truckload (10-24 pallets)
Factors that may affect your shipping rate:

  • After 10 pallets we will quote both LTL and FTL to get each customer the best deal possible
  • We are unable to deliver truckload merchandise to a residence
  • Customers without a commercial dock should allow- 1-2 business days to quote and up to 5 business days to ship their merchandise (after payment) due to the unique equipment required. The buyer with this address type may be asked to provide a pallet jack and that will be communicated at the time we quote
  • The weight of the merchandise does not matter since FTL rates are typically fixed, however the weight must be less than 40,000 lbs
  • If we are able to we will do our best to fill a trailer by pinwheel loading which may allow more product to fit into a truck
  • Buyers may also request for product to be loaded as double pallets or hand-stacked but may require an additional fee to perform

Know the Shipping Details of your Order
Note the location, size classification, and weight of the merchandise located in the Shipping section of each product listing. This information will aid in your decision process, helping to determine the shipping cost. Most products will provide the option to receive a quote based on destination and delivery information.